Thomas Alvin Sannar Photo

Sannar, Thomas Alvin 1941 - Age 1 - LaGrande, Oregon

Thomas Alvin Sannar – 1 year old – 1941 in LaGrande, Oregon

(Tommy is my dad.  He is the son of Charles Alvin and Shirley Marcilee (Kennison) Sannar.)


Sannar Kids Photo

Sannar, Tommy, Kathleen, and Judy 1952

Tommy, Kathleen, and Judy Sannar

These three kids are the children of Charles and Shirley (Kennison) Sannar.  Since the picture is attached to a 1952 calendar, it would have most likely been taken sometime in 1951.  Tommy would have been 11, Kathleen 3, and Judy 8.  What a bunch of cutie-pie’s!

(Tommy, Thomas Alvin Sannar, is my dad.)

Charles Alvin Sannar Photo – Fishing


Charles “Toot” Alvin Sannar in Alaska on his fishing boat, The Natova.  Here he is holding a King Salmon with a Halibut hanging.

(Toot is my paternal grandfather.  He is the father of Thomas Alvin Sannar.)

“I started fishing with them on that boat, I slept in the wheelhouse, and to make room for me grandpa had to put the case of motor oil outside that was under the captains seat, and that’s where I slept. I have a lot of wonderful memories with them.” ~ Vernon Thornburg