Leoma, Janice, and Judy Simmons Photo

Leoma, Janice, and Judy - May 1957 - Elgin Oregon - Ages 36, 13, and 12

Leoma Nesta (Dallas) Simmons and two of her daughters, Janice and Judy, sitting on the front lawn of their house in Elgin, Oregon.  Leoma was 36, Janice 13, and Judy 12.  Three beauties!

May 1957


Janice Sharon Simmons Photo – 1945

Simmon, Janice Sharon - Oct 4 1945

What a cutie pie!  This sweet picture is of Janice Sharon Simmons.  It was taken on October 4th, 1945 when she was 21 months old.  The family lived in Redding, California at the time so I think this picture was taken in Northern California, though it wasn’t much longer before they moved to Elgin, Oregon.

(Janice is my mother.  She is the daughter of Rolin and Leoma (Dallas) Simmons.)

Janice Sharon Simmons Photo


Janice Sharon Simmons at age 15.  This photo was taken the summer of 1959 on the front steps of her parents home in Elgin, Oregon.  It was a big wonderful brick house that we all loved while growing up.

(Janice is my mother.  She is the daughter of Rolin Clay and Leoma Nesta (Dallas) Simmons.)