Joseph and Mary Ann Hovey Family Photo


Joseph Grafton and Mary Ann (Hulse) Hovey family portrait.  Joseph and Mary Ann are the older couple in black, seated in the middle.  The couple had 12 children, some of whom I believe are pictured here.  I’m not sure of the year that this was taken, though I believe it would have been in the late 1800’s.

A note from my uncle, Randy Simmons: “In the picture of the Hovey family, your Great-Grandma Amy is in the back row, Third from the left (second girl) next to the very tall guy.”

(Joseph and Mary Ann are my 2nd great-grandparents.  They are the parents of Amy Mae Hovey.)


Walter and Amy (Hovey) Dallas

walter-and-amy-dallasWalter and Amy (Hovey) Dallas ~

This picture was given to me by my grandmother, Leoma (Dallas) Simmons.  Walter and Amy are her parents.  I’m not sure where this picture was taken or the exact year, but it would have likely been in the early 1900’s, possibly  around 1910 or so.

(Walter and Amy are my great-grandparents.)