Leoma, Janice, and Judy Simmons Photo

Leoma, Janice, and Judy - May 1957 - Elgin Oregon - Ages 36, 13, and 12

Leoma Nesta (Dallas) Simmons and two of her daughters, Janice and Judy, sitting on the front lawn of their house in Elgin, Oregon.  Leoma was 36, Janice 13, and Judy 12.  Three beauties!

May 1957


Leoma and Nola Dallas Photo

Leoma and Nola Dallas - 1922

Leoma Nesta Dallas, 2-1/2 years and Nola Iona Dallas, 18 months.

This photo was taken of the girls in Iosepa, Utah in 1922. (Iosepa is now a ghost town.  I definitely need to visit there!)

(Leoma Nesta Dallas is my maternal grandmother.  She is the mother of Janice Sharon (Simmons) Sannar.)

Leoma Nesta Dallas Line



Walter and Amy (Hovey) Dallas

walter-and-amy-dallasWalter and Amy (Hovey) Dallas ~

This picture was given to me by my grandmother, Leoma (Dallas) Simmons.  Walter and Amy are her parents.  I’m not sure where this picture was taken or the exact year, but it would have likely been in the early 1900’s, possibly  around 1910 or so.

(Walter and Amy are my great-grandparents.)