Abijah M. Hulse Family Photo

Abijiah Hulse Family - Seated Abijah and Mary (Harris) Hulse - standing Mary Pearl Hulse (Weaver) and unknown boy

Seated:  Abijah M. Hulse and Mary Elizabeth (Harris) Hulse                                                               Standing:  Mary Pearl (Hulse) Weaver and unknown boy (possibly Edgar Herbert Hulse)

What a handsome family.  They always looked so stern in these old photo’s and I know that some of that was simply because they had to be still for so long in order for the picture to not be blurry.  It’s fantastic that these old pictures even still exist when so many things could have happened to them over the years.  If anyone knows who the boy is, please let us know!

One of the beautiful things about digging into your family history is connecting or reconnecting with cousins along the way and being able to share in the memories, photo’s and stories that they have tucked away.  This photo was sent to me by my 2nd cousin, once removed, Shannon Weaver Erm.  Thank you so much, Shannon, for sharing this incredible picture of our shared ancestors!  It’s amazing to be able to put faces to the names that we’ve heard for so many years.

(Abijah and Mary Elizabeth are my 3rd great grandparents.  Mary Pearl is my 2nd great grandmother.  She is the mother of Edna Weaver, who is the mother of my grandmother, Shirley (Kennison) Sannar.)



Mary Pearl Hulse (Weaver) Photo


Mary Pearl Hulse (Weaver) is the daughter of Abijah M. and and Mary Elizabeth (Harris) Hulse.  She was born in Fort Collins, Colorado in 1879. She married Elijah Weaver in 1899 and lived out the rest of her life in the Wallowa valley of Oregon.

(Mary Pearl is my 2nd great-grandmother.  She is the mother of Edna Winifred Weaver (Kennison). )