Charlotte “Lottie” Weaver Photo

Weaver, Charlotte Lottie

Charlotte “Lottie” Weaver came out west with her family from Kentucky in 1878.  Lottie settled on Alder Slope and later married William McCormack after the death of William’s first wife Ida.

Lottie raised her family and was very religious. She died in the home of her only daughter of a stroke at age 77.  Lottie is buried in the Alder Slope Cemetery in Enterprise, Oregon.

[Obituary of Charlotte Weaver, daughter || A clipping from the ‘Stockman Enterprise.’ of Alder, Oregon, reporting the death of Charlotte McCormack, daughter of Darius Weaver… “Charlotte Weaver was born in Laurel County, Kentucky, Nov 9, 1862, the daughter of Darius and Sally (Morris) Weaver. Her mother passed away when Charlotte was nine years old. In 1878, her father came to Oregon and settled in Alder, and the next year sent for his unmarried children. Charlotte and her two older brothers made the trip by wagon, entering the Valley over the old Smith Mountain Road.”]

(Lottie is my 3rd great-aunt.  She is the daughter of Darius and Sarah “Sally” Weaver and the sister of Elijah Daniel Weaver.)


Mary Pearl Hulse (Weaver) Photo


Mary Pearl Hulse (Weaver) is the daughter of Abijah M. and and Mary Elizabeth (Harris) Hulse.  She was born in Fort Collins, Colorado in 1879. She married Elijah Weaver in 1899 and lived out the rest of her life in the Wallowa valley of Oregon.

(Mary Pearl is my 2nd great-grandmother.  She is the mother of Edna Winifred Weaver (Kennison). )


Weaver Family Reunion


A Weaver family reunion!  This photo was taken in 1943 at Great-Grandma Weaver’s house outside of Wallowa, Oregon.  My aunt said she thinks it was taken when Selby had come home on leave.

Thank you so much to Shannon Weaver Erm for sharing this picture, and the names that go along with it!

1st row:  Janice Weaver, Laurena Kennison, Lonnie Armon, Carol Armon, Tommy Sannar, Carmen Armon, Lowell Armon, Keith Weaver, Beryl Weaver, Wayne Armon, Wanda Bassett, Bud Kopta, Harry Kennison

2nd row:  Charlotte Weaver, Wilbur Weaver, Blanche Schaeffer, Charlie Schaeffer, Kenneth Weaver, Ruth Weaver, Selby Weaver, Trell Coleman, Minnie Weaver, Wayne Weaver, Vina Armon, Gene (Tiny) Johnson, Mina Johnson, Esther Litchfield, (unknown – next 2 – baby and woman peeking out from behind), Mrs. Igo, Shirley Sannar, Marsh Weaver, Chet Shelton, (unknown white-haired lady), Grandma Weaver (Mary Weaver), Elwyn Powers, Chuck Weaver, Viola Weaver, Wendell Weaver, Lucy Schaeffer, and Sam Armon.

Edna Winifred (Weaver) Kennison Coleman Photo

edna-winifred-weaver-kennison-coleman-age-66-july-4-1969-wallowa-oregonThe notation on the back of this photo reads:  “Grandma Coleman (66 years)  July 4th, 1969  Wallowa, Oregon.  It’s in my mom’s handwriting so I know that she was the one on the other side of the camera.  I would have been not quite two when the family celebrated the 4th of July in Wallowa that year.

“Grandma Coleman” is Edna Winifred (Weaver) Kennison Coleman.  She married a man named Trell Coleman after her first husband, Harry Kennison, died in his thirties.

(Edna is my great-grandmother.  She is the mother of Shirley Marcilee (Kennison) Sannar.)

Wilbur Weaver Photo


Wilbur Gregory Weaver is kneeling on the right, Mart Bardoff is sitting holding Debra Weaver.  Debra is the daughter of Beryl and Evon Weaver and the granddaughter of these two men pictured.  The date on the side of the photo says April 1959.

(Wilbur was my 2nd great-uncle – my great grandmothers brother. Wilbur is the son of Elijah Daniel Weaver and Mary Pearl (Hulse) Weaver.)