Thomas Alvin Sannar Photo

Sannar, Thomas Alvin 1941 - Age 1 - LaGrande, Oregon

Thomas Alvin Sannar – 1 year old – 1941 in LaGrande, Oregon

(Tommy is my dad.  He is the son of Charles Alvin and Shirley Marcilee (Kennison) Sannar.)


Edna Winifred (Weaver) Kennison Coleman


(Edna Coleman – July 6th, 1969, 66 years old, Wallowa, Oregon)

Edna Winifred Weaver was born on November 25th, 1902 in Wallowa, Oregon to Elijah and Mary Pearl (Hulse) Weaver.  She was the second born of twelve children.

At the age of 18, on October 28th, 1921, Edna married Harry Kennison in Enterprise, Oregon.  The couple made their home in Wallowa’s Lower Valley where Harry worked building roads.  He was one of the road builders on the Minam Canyon road that links Wallowa county with Union county.


This great picture of Harry and Edna was taken in 1922 in Shaniko, Oregon.  Harry was doing road work down there, so they were living in this sheep wagon.

On the 4th of July, 1923, Harry and Edna’s first child was born, my grandmother, Shirley Marcilee Kennison.   Edna was 20 years old.  A Dr. Gregory delivered the baby, but Edna had been so toxemic that she was unable to wear shoes for several months before the birth.  The baby was born and she was fine but Edna wasn’t doing very well, so the doctor stayed with them at their home for a few days after the birth to help Edna recover.

Son Harry Alvin Kennison, Jr.  came along in 1926, and the couple’s youngest daughter, Laurena Winifred Kennison in 1930.

On December 14th, 1934 the family’s life was to change forever when Harry had a sudden heart attack and passed away at the age of only 31 years.  My grandmother, Shirley, was the oldest child.  She was 11 when her dad died and had to run by herself on a dark night to bring the doctor back to their home.  That story always broke my heart a little bit each time I heard it.

After Harry passed away, the family was very poor and got some type of assistance from the county.  It was not at all the same as the welfare system is today and was apparently random items brought to their home from time to time.  One of the items that the family was given at one point was bed sheets.  Their house has a dirt floor, which was not so uncommon in those times and I always heard stories how Grandma’s dirt floor was always swept so clean and hard packed that you could eat off of it.  Well, the family didn’t need any sheets, so Edna took them and hung them up on the walls and the ceiling to help keep the dirt out.  She was very resourceful, from all accounts that I have heard.

Edna’s parents gave the a milk cow, but they had no place to keep it at their home, so it stayed at her parents house.  Shirley, being the oldest, was sent over to her grandparents to milk that cow every morning.  There is a family story that her two young uncles, the twins Doc and Marshall, (who were younger than Shirley), thought that the cow should be theirs instead. One morning when Shirley went to milk, the three of them got in a fist fight.  Apparently she came home with a black eye but the boys were the worst for the wear!

On February 5th, 1940, at the age of 37, Edna married Trell Haney Coleman in Union, Oregon.  From all accounts, Trell was a wonderful man and the family adored him.

Coleman, Edna and Trell - July 1963

(Edna and Trell Coleman, July 1963, Wallowa, Oregon.)

They were married for 29 years before Trell passed away on June 29th, 1969.  Edna followed less than a year later on April 29th, 1970.  She is buried in the Cemetery at Wallowa.


Wallowa County Cheiftan Newspaper
Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon,
dated Thursday May 7, 1970
Edna Coleman Services Held
Mrs. Edna Winnifred Coleman of Wallowa passed away on Wednesday, April 29, 1970 in a La Grande hospital where whe had been a patient for ten days.
She was the daughter of Elijah and Mary Weaver and was born Nov. 25, 1902 at Wallowa where she had lived all of her life. On Oct. 28, 1921 she was married at Enterprise to Harry Kennison who passed away Dec. 14, 1934. On Feb. 5, 1940 she was married at Enterprise to Trell Coleman who passed away June 29, 1969.
Her survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Alvin (Shirley) Sannar and Mrs. Ray (Laurena) Vance, both of Ketchikan, Alaska; one son, Harry Kennison of Baker and one stepson, Edward Coleman of Enterprise; two sisters, Mrs. Chas. (Blanche) Schaeffer of Wallowa, and Mrs. Francis (Myrtle) Armon of Perry; five brothers, Wayne Weaver of Pagosa Springs, Colo., Lloyd and Martin Weaver, both of Wallowa, Kenneth Weaver of Yakutat, Alaska, and Selby Weaver of LaGrande; and seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.
Memorial services were held Monday at 2 p.m. at the Wallowa Christian Church, conducted by the Bollman Funeral Home with Rev. Gary Johnson officiating. Mrs. Wanda Sorweide was organist, and Mrs. Catherine DeBoie sang “In The Still of The Night” and “In The Garden.”
Casket bearers were: Keith L. Weaver, Beryl Weaver, Gregory Weaver, Lowell Armon, Dallas Armon and Mike Holloran. Interment was in the Wallowa Cemetery.


Weaver, Edna Kennison Coleman Headstone Wallowa Oregon


Please pass on any stories about Edna and her life so that I can add them here.  I know some of you remember her~!


“This is my Aunt Edna..Dad’s sister..and all of you that attended Wallowa High School..Trell Coleman was our favorite janitor!!! Such a kind caring man..” ~ Janice Weaver McLaughlin


(Edna is my great-grandmother, the mother of Shirley Marcilee (Kennison) Sannar.)

Weaver, Edna Kennison Coleman Line




George Washington Carper

Georeg Washington Carper

George Washington Carper was born on April 7th, 1831 to Joseph and Virginia (Shumate) Carper, the third of eleven children.  The family lived in Brush Creek, Virginia when George was born and lived there for his entire childhood.  Brush Creek is part of West Virginia now and is a small unincorporated coal town.

When George was eighteen, he married Delilah Phipps on November 29th, 1849 in Fayette County, West Virginia.  (Then Virginia, as well.)  The couple took up residence in Frederick County, Virginia where George is listed as a Farmer on the 1850 census.

Carper, George Frederick County Virginia

In November of 1851, George and Delilah’s first child was born, a girl, Mary Elizabeth.  Mary Was born in Raleigh, Virginia and was the oldest of fourteen kids, including my own great-great grandmother, Eliza Ann.

The 1860 census finds the family living in an area called Scotts Ridge in Raleigh county,  Virigina. The nearest post office was in a small town called Table Rock.  I’m not sure if the town is still in existence, though the post office is not.  George was again listed as a Farmer.

The Civil War began in April of 1861.  On September 12th, 1862 George enlisted in Charleston, Virginia.  He was 35 years old and listed as a Private in the 36th Regiment Battle Unit of the Virginia Infantry, Company C, 2nd Kanawha Infantry – The Raleigh Rangers.  It looks like the Rangers unit was reorganized in May of 1862 and maybe George went home then, because in late December of 1862, George and Delilah had another daughter born to them.  He was certainly home sometime during that spring!  You can read a bit more about the 36th Regiment here.

Carper, George and Delilah

The 1880 census finds George and Delilah still living in West Virginia, (which by now IS West Virginia, having seceded from Virginia.)  George is still listed as a Farmer at 49 years of age.  About 1885 they have emigrated to Promise, Oregon where Delilah passes away on April 4th, 1904 at the age of 70 years.

Wallawa Christian Church - 1901 - George Preached here

George is a preacher as well as a farmer.  This is a 1901 picture of the congregation of the Wallowa Christian Church in Oregon where it is said that George preached.

Carper, Reverand George - Promise Oregon 1910 Wedding

This one was taken in 1910 at a Carper wedding in Promise, Oregon that George officiated.  He is the gentleman with the white whiskers and black hat on the left hand side of the picture.  (These two photographs, the one of the church congregation and the one of the wedding were shared by a user on  Thank you for that!)

George was lonely after Delilah passed away, so in 1905, at the age of 74, he married Caroline Lyon Griffith in Wallowa, Oregon.

George passed away January 5th, 1910 at the age of 79.  He is buried in the cemetery in Promise, Oregon.

Following is the text from his obituary printed in a local paper:


Pioneer Preacher Dies at Promise

Rev. G.W. Carper 40 years in ministry-First Preacher in Promise

Rev. G.W. Carper, first preacher in Promise and one of the first settlers in that community, died at his home on January 5, 1910, lacking but 2 months and 2 days of being 80 years of age.  He had been 40 years a preacher and had spent an active life much of it on the frontier of Oregon.

George Washington Carper was born in West Virginia April 7, 1830.  He and the wife of his youth together united with the Christian Church early in life.  Mr. and Mrs. Carper about 15 years ago came to Promise where some of their children had already come.  Mr. Carper preached the first sermon ever preached in Promise in Mr. Mann’s house in June 1885.  Most of the time since then he has lived in Promise and preached in different parts of the country until the state of his health prevented him from such labors.  During the last few months, Mr. Carper has been a constant sufferer.  His life came to a peaceful close January 5, 1910.  The funeral services were held at Promise school house conducted by Rev. Fred G. Potter.  The remains were laid in the Promise cemetery where his first wife was buried several years ago.  Mr. Carper was the head of a large family.  He was the father of 13 children, three of whom died in childhood, two live in West Virginia and eight live in the Promise country and were near him at the time of his death.  He had nearly 100 grand children and about 35 great grand children.  Very fittingly was he generally called Grandpa Carper.  A wife who has been a comfort to his declining days, also remains to mourn for him.  Death came to his as a relief from toil and suffering.  He was cheered by the hope of immortality in the blissful beyond in which he had so great faith.


Carper, George Washington Headstone - Promise Oregon

(George was my 3rd great-grandfather.)

Carper, George Washington Line