Weaver Family Photo – 1978

Weaver, Remaining children of Elijah and Mary 1978 - photo


Weaver, Remaining Children of Elijah and Mary 1978

August 13th, 1978

This picture was taken of the remaining children of Elijah Daniel and Mary Pearl (Hulse) Weaver.

Left to Right: Martin Tucker Weaver, 56; Selby Granville Weaver, 60; Kenneth Weldon Weaver, 63; Leona Myrtle Marie Weaver Armon, 59; Wilbur Gregory Weaver, 65; Lloyd Wallace Weaver, 67; Robert Wayne Weaver, 69.

Taken at Chuck’s Home. (Chuck was Lloyd.  His home was in Wallowa, Oregon.)

I want to graciously thank my 2nd cousin, Lorrie Goebel Wade for sharing it with me so that I could share it with all of you. What a family treasure!  Lorrie thinks that it was possibly taken after her grandmother Blanche’s funeral. Blanche was one of the Weaver kids as was my own great-grandmother, Edna, who had passed away in 1970.

The Weavers - Siblings 1978

Shannon Weaver Erm saw this post and sent along two other wonderful pictures taken on the same day.  She went a step further and sent close-ups that really show the expressions on their faces. Enjoy!

Thank you so much, Shannon. These are fantastic!

Weaver, Kenneth Weldon

Kenneth Weldon Weaver

Weaver, Leona Myrtle Marie Armon - 1978

Leona “Myrtle” Marie Weaver Armon

Weaver, Lloyd Wallace - Chuck - 1978

Lloyd “Chuck” Wallace Weaver

Weaver, Martin Tucker - Brother 1978

Martin “Doc” Tucker Weaver

Weaver, Robert Wayne - 1978

Robert Wayne Weaver

Weaver, Selby Granville- 1978 -

Selby Granville Weaver

Weaver, Wilbur Gregory - 1978

Wilbur Gregory Weaver

The Weavers - Siblings 1978 - Shot 2

(All of these wonderful people are my 2nd great uncles and one 2nd great aunt. My great-grandmother, Edna Winifred Weaver was their sister.)

Weaver, Edna Kennison Coleman Line



2 thoughts on “Weaver Family Photo – 1978

  1. My husband and I moved to Wallowa as newlyweds and stayed four years – Dennis with the Forest Service, and I was a teacher. Wilbur lived a block over, and one summer we were gardening partners. All he wanted from me were canned green beans. He weeded and watered, and in the end passed on having beans – best gardening partner ever!


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