Elijah and Mary Weaver’s Children Photo

Weaver, Edna in the middle holding the baby

In this picture are the five oldest children of Elijah and Mary Weaver.

Back Row, left to right:  Jay and Ellis

Front Row, left to right: Wayne, Edna, Lloyd, and Blanche

Lloyd was born in February of 1911, so I’m guessing that this picture was taken in the summer of 1912.  That would have made the kids the following ages, (again back row front to left, then front row:  Jay – 7; Ellis – 12; Wayne – 3; Edna – 9; Lloyd – 1-1/2; Blanche – 5.

What a treasure this picture is!  Thank you so much to Lorrie Goebel Wade and Kara Kennison for sharing it!

(Edna is my great-grandmother. The mother of Shirley Marcilee Kennison, who is the mother of my dad, Thomas Alvin Sannar.)


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