Darius Weaver

Darius Weaver

Darius Weaver was born about 1821 in Laurel county, Kentucky.  His parents were Hezekiah and Sarah “Sally” (Box) Weaver.  When Darius was 25 years old he married Sarah Anna Morris on March 5th, 1846 in Kentucky.  In 1848, their first daughter, Margaret, was born.  In the following years, other children joined the family until 1865 when my own great-great grandfather was born.  In all of the census’ from 1850 to 1880, Darius was listed as a farmer but there are some notes that a descendant of Darius shared on ancestery.com that mention that he was known as a “Mountain Preacher” with a fiery temper.  (Those notes will be included below.)  In 1878, after Sarah had passed away, the family moved to Wallowa county, Oregon.   Darius lived to be 73 years old.  He died on August 14th, 1894 and is buried in the Alder Slope Cemetery in Wallowa, Oregon.  It’s said that not long before Darius passed away, he hid gold in the walls of his daughters house. It has never been found.

Darius Weaver Headstone - Alder Slope Cemetery Wallowa Oregon

There is some confusion as to Darius’ name.  Some people have him listed as Darius Daniel, but Daniel was actually a brother.  The confusion seems to come in because of his headstone.   Here is what is written on a website called “Find A Grave” about it:

“According to Richard Brock who placed this headstone, he made an error and put the “Daniel” on, and attempted to scratch it off when realizing it. Daniel was actually Darius brother. Darius sister, after marrying a Brock, apparently named her son after her two brothers, Daniel and Darius resulting in Daniel Darius Brock, which possibly resulted in the name error.”

Now are you ready for all the good stuff?  When I’m able to find stories and little memories of someone, that’s where the magic happens.  This is where we get to catch a little glimpse of who our ancestors were, not just names and dates.  Sit back and enjoy these little tidbits about the “Fiery Mountain Preacher” who was my ancestor.


(These notes where shared on ancesetry.com by a man named Richard Carpenter. I thank him, and Ann Weaver Adair for giving us this glimpse into who Darius was!)

1. Records of Ann Weaver Adair (1990-2000). [In Papa’s notes, he is listed as “mountain preacher,” and as having a very strong temper. Once he tried to use his belt on his son, Bill, who apparently had a temper equally as strong, and who knocked him down. Darius went for his gun, then came to himself and replaced it].


2. Records of Ann Weaver Adair (1990-2000). [In Oregon, the youngest son of Darius, killed a Black Bear and sent the claw back to Arkansas. Darius urged my grandfather, Russell Weaver (his nephew) to join him in Oregon and offered to send money for the trip].


3. Records of Ann Weaver Adair (1990-2000). [On the way to Oregon, Darius hid his money in the coupling part of the wagon. It was believed that he had a good sum of money when he died, although the the children could never find it].


4. Records of Ann Weaver Adair (1990-2000). [Darius (age 91), his sister, Mrs. Brock (93) and their older brother, Daniel (94), spent their last days together. “The History of Wallowa County Oregon” is published by the County Museum Board and has information on the Weavers and Sassers].


5. Adair, Ann Weaver. Texas. (1996-2000). [Darius is mentioned as a Deacon of the Providence Church on pg. 12 of the “History of Laurel River Association of Missionary Baptist.” Darius made the trip to Oregon in 1878, starting from Arkansas on a trip that would take 6 months].

Obituary of Charlotte Weaver, his daughter:

1. Records of Ann Weaver Adair (1990-2000). [Obituary of Charlotte Weaver, daughter || A clipping from the ‘Stockman Enterprise.’ of Alder, Oregon, reporting the death of Charlotte Maccormick, daughter of Darius Weaver… “Charlotte Weaver was born in Laurel County, Kentucky, Nov 9, 1862, the daughter of Darius and Sally (Morris) Weaver. Her mother passed away when Charlotte was nine years old. In 1878, her father came to Oregon and settled in Alder, and the next year sent for his unmarried children. Charlotte and her two older brothers made the trip by wagon, entering the Valley over the old Smith Mountain Road.”]


Travelling back from Kentucky by train after selling the last of his landholdings there, Darius carried with him $5000 in gold pieces and the family bible.  Upon arriving at the end of the line ill, his daughter picked him up and took him to her home.  His belongings were set in an unfinished wall.  He died there, and was buried at Alder Slope Cemetery.  Years later, the old home was torn down, the family bible found inside the wall and returned.  The gold of course, was never found.


Oh wow.  Darius Weaver, Kentucky mountain Baptist preacher with a fiery temper. One of these days I will definitely be visiting those hills where he preached his fire and brimstone.

(Darius Weaver is my 3rd great-grandfather.  He is the father of Elijah Daniel Weaver.)

Darius Weaver Line









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