Weaver Family Reunion


A Weaver family reunion!  This photo was taken in 1943 at Great-Grandma Weaver’s house outside of Wallowa, Oregon.  My aunt said she thinks it was taken when Selby had come home on leave.

Thank you so much to Shannon Weaver Erm for sharing this picture, and the names that go along with it!

1st row:  Janice Weaver, Laurena Kennison, Lonnie Armon, Carol Armon, Tommy Sannar, Carmen Armon, Lowell Armon, Keith Weaver, Beryl Weaver, Wayne Armon, Wanda Bassett, Bud Kopta, Harry Kennison

2nd row:  Charlotte Weaver, Wilbur Weaver, Blanche Schaeffer, Charlie Schaeffer, Kenneth Weaver, Ruth Weaver, Selby Weaver, Trell Coleman, Minnie Weaver, Wayne Weaver, Vina Armon, Gene (Tiny) Johnson, Mina Johnson, Esther Litchfield, (unknown – next 2 – baby and woman peeking out from behind), Mrs. Igo, Shirley Sannar, Marsh Weaver, Chet Shelton, (unknown white-haired lady), Grandma Weaver (Mary Weaver), Elwyn Powers, Chuck Weaver, Viola Weaver, Wendell Weaver, Lucy Schaeffer, and Sam Armon.


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