Minam Road – Wallowa County, Oregon


Much of my life was spent in Union and Wallowa counties.  This is a picture of Minam road between Elgin and Wallowa taken in the 1940’s.  I traveled this road more times than I can count with my family while growing up in the 70’s and 80’s.  This road is very much the same today as it was in this picture.

“I remember that road, we traveled it many times going to Grandma Coleman’s! It was scary! When we left Grandma Weavers BIRTHDAY party, Kathleen had picked up some flash bulbs from the camera. The older kids had taken the plastic off the outside. She had it in her mouth and it popped! She had tiny bits of glass all over in her mouth and there was no where to pull over…mom was scared…told her not to swallow. Wow what an adventure! we were living in camp at that time. (Starkey). Kathleen was born in 1948, I imagion she was maybe 3 yrs old.”
~ Judy Sannar Ennis remembering her little sister, Kathleen Sannar Tannahill
(Grandma Weaver would have been Mary Pearl (Hulse)Weaver. )


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