Eliza Ann Carper Sannar


Eliza Ann “Julie” (Carper) Sannar, taken April 15th, 1944 on her 90th birthday.

Eliza was born April 15th, 1854 in Raleigh, West Virginia to George and Delilah Carper.  On January 21st, 1872, when she was 17 years old,  she married Willaim Isaac Sannar right there in her hometown of Raleigh.  In the next 25 years, they had 13 children.  In 1886, they lost one little girl, Rose Lee, when she was just an infant, and then a son, George Washington, in 1892 when he was only 2 years old. In 1896, their 7 year old daughter, Bertha Elizabeth passed away.  What a lot of heartbreak this woman endured.   By 1898, the family had headed west and settled in Promise, Oregon in the Wallowa Mountains.  In 1913, the Sannar’s lost another son, William Orval, at the age of 20 years.  Orval drowned in the Grande Ronde River but that is a story for another day.


This family photo was taken about 1930 in Promise, Oregon.  There are Sannars, Carpers, and Lively’s in this one.

The United States entered WWI when Eliza was 62, and women got the right to vote when she was 65!


Eliza became a widow in 1930 when Isaac passed away at the age of 78.  They had been married for 58 years.  Eliza lived until the day before her 96th birthday and passed away in April of 1950.


William Isaac and Eliza Jane Sannar headstone – Promise, Oregon Cemetery

The following is from her obituary in the Elgin Recorder:

Eliza Ann “Julia” (Carper) Sannar Obituary
The Elgin Recorder Newspaper
Elgin, Union County, Oregon
Thursday, April 20, 1950
(from the Wallowa Record)
Funeral services were held Sunday morning at 11:30 at the Wallowa Christian Church for Eliza Ann Sannar, 96-year-old great grandmother who remembered the Civil War and President Lincoln very well. Death came to Mrs. Sannar at a hospital in La Grande April 14, one day before her 96th birthday.
The Rev. O.W. Jones of the Wallowa Christian church conducted the services. A quartet composed of Mrs. Vera Mason, Mrs. Oscar Maxwell, Bill Dougherty and Crawford Oveson, sang “Beyond the Sunset” and “In the Land Where You Never Grow Old’. The second selection had been a request of Mrs. Sannar. They were accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Warren Berry. Pallbearers were Arthur Miller, Burton Miller, Joe Rounsavell, Spencer Trump, Roy Carper and Frank Lindsey. Mrs. Sannar was buried in the family plot in the Promise cemetery. A church filled with flowers showed the esteem in which she was held b members of the community.
Eliza Ann Sannar was born in Raleigh County, West Virginia, near Beckley, known as Raleigh County Court House, on April 15, 1854. She was born the daughter of George Washington and Delilah Carper, the third of 13 children. She lived to be the sole survivor of the family.
Her father was a soldier in the Union army, and suffered wounds on the battle field. Her mother and older sisters helped in a field hospital near Raleigh County Court House. She herself carried water to wounded soldiers on the battlefield.
In 1873 the family came west to Oregon, settling in the Promise neighborhood. The years since were spent in this community, in Wallowa county and Union county.
She was a devoted Christian, her membership being with the old Church of Christ or Christian church of Promise. A great service was rendered by Mrs. Sannar, affectionatelhy known as Aunt Juie, in the various sickness that befell freinds in the old neighborhood. She was a competent mid-wife and officiated at many births in the Promise area. Whether it was a feverish child, an injured limb or an expectant mother, Aunt Julie was there, nursing the sick one back to health.
Her life touched a period that was perhaps the time of greatest developments in science, art and industry that the world has ever known. It was her pleasure to remember having seen President Lincoln many times.
She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. E.W (Pearl) Lively, Mrs. Boyd (Letha) Carper of Wallowa and Mrs. Fred (Lula) Trump of La Grande; and two sons Charles C. Sannar of Gridley, Calif., and Frank Sannar of Milton. Thirty-seven grandchildren, 96 great-grandchildren, one for every year of her life, and 18 great great-grandchildren also survive.
Mr. Sannar preceded his wife in death in 1930 as did seven of her children: Bertha (died at the age of 7 in West Virginia), George Orville, John, Joe, and Sally Lyons. One daughter (Rosie Lee) died in infancy in West Virginia.
Those coming from out of town for the service were Mrs. Oakey Trump and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Trump, Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Trump, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Trump and Lacey Trump, all of Elgin. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Trump, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Riggle, Mr. and Mrs. Orval Trump, Mr and Mrs. Oliver Fleshman, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carper, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene (illegible), and Bob Lively, all of La Grande; Mr. and Mrs. Albert (illegible) and Mrs. Eva Whitmore of Milton; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Sannar of Mt. Emily; Jack Lively of Springfield, Mr. and Mrs. (illegible from this point to end.)

She sounds like an amazing lady and I would have loved to have known her.  Does anyone remember “Aunt Julie”?  Can you share any personal stories?


“My dad told me that when great-grandma died, they put her coffin in a wagon and the whole town of Promise walked behind the wagon from the family home to the cemetery.  He said it was quite the sight.”  ~ Kathleen Sannar Tannahill


(Eliza is my 2nd great-grandmother.  She is the mother of James Franklin Sannar.)



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